Through their surfing habits and via their blogs and comments, empowered consumers have told us that they do not (and never did) want “push marketing”, any more than they want door-to-door salespeople, or telemarketing calls. What they are interested in is information about things they’re considering buying, especially when they’ve got time to listen.
Psychographics matter
They’ve patiently and tirelessly demonstrated to us that they cannot be pigeonholed by demographics - psychographics have always determined their buying patterns. They’ve proven to us that they might be conservative in choosing haircare products, but they’re wild in selecting hot ‘n spicy snacks, or vice-versa. What they’ve explained to those who are listening is “We’re complex - get used to it.” The marketing solution is being called “hyper-targeting” or “micro-targets”.
No more push marketing
So no more “push.” Not now, not ever. Not on TV, online, or on the radio. People do not want to see/ hear your ad more than once or twice. They don’t mind reminders, delivered via all different kinds of media in slightly different ways - just don’t try to force them to sit through that TV/radio ad 300 times.
Sounds like a lot more work! LOL. Let’s get used to it. There are still music industry executives trying to litigate the world back into paying them the fortunes they used to receive for riding the coattails of musicians. Their industry’s “push marketing model” is over. Time to move on. The “360º/Holistic/Media-Neutral/Integrated” agency teams are already doing this. The visionary marketers are already demanding it. Is there any market-leading client out there who has already been doing this for years? Nah, probably not…
Stop repetition
So what does this simple new mandate mean to you, to your marketing campaigns? How would your brief read if the over-riding caveat was “NO REPETITION” - Reach: 125% (people fall into several micro-targets), Frequency: 1.5, a single, consistent brand character, one core message, but communicated differently in many, many media in highly targeted, small buys?
Hello, is there anyone out there who can manage this change?
How would “FREQUENCY OF 1” affect the type of agency a marketer chooses? Would it be most effective to run out and hire one ATL AOR, plus a digital shop, a PR agency that understands “social media”, an XM firm, a DM specialist, a WOM agency and a media shop that can handle this diversity, or should marketers go back to the good old days of hiring a single, visionary, holistic agency, but one that isn’t tied to an ancient business model and understands that all of this has to work together in a single 360º campaign?
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