Mai Asia develops and implements systems that help companies building, increasing assessing Brand Value. In total, we cover six areas:
1. Brand Value in financially healthy organizations
Definition of global brand properties
Performance analysis of brand cues
Protection and defense strategies
Workflow optimization
Brand Value management
2. Pre-IPO brand development
Market analysis and segmentation
Target group definition
Marketing, finance and defense strategies
Competitive analysis and monitoring
Community risk assessment
Brand/ service portfolio development
Development of brand icons
Brand Value methodology implementation
3. M&A Brand Value Assessment
Identifying Brand Value in acquisition targets
Measuring value of brand properties
Evaluating Brand Value growth opportunities
Defining negotiation strategies
  4. Branding in financial distress
Brand Performance Analysis
Setting brand support budgets
Brand Value turnaround strategies
  5. Brand defense
Assessment of existing or potential brand damages
Development of protectable brand icons
  6. Brand Value in emerging markets
Regional benchmarking of Brand Value performance
Monitoring Brand Value
Competitive analysis in emerging markets
Workflow optimization
There are six major areas in managing Brand Value. Mai Asia is active in all these areas, thus offering firms at any stage of life advisory, tools and support to strengthen financial Brand Value.
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