Source: Central Intelligence Agency, USA
Mai Asia was established in 1999 with one single aim in mind: to increase the competitiveness of our clients' brands in their respective markets. From the begining did we focus on optimizing the effectiveness of our clients' marketing and market development activities.
The roots of Mai Asia trace back to 1999, when we won our first customer in SE Asia. At that time Mai Asia covered a rather broad portfolio of marketing and brand related services. By 2009, we split off creative services into a separate division under the Mai Minds brand. Today, Mai Asia enables companies across Asia, Europe and the US to measure and nurture Brand Value.
The Mai tree lent Mai Asia its name. It is common in parts of South East Asia and displayed during Lunar New Year. The blossoming tree symbolizes the wish for propserity and fortune.
New Year wishes from the former President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Tran Duc Luong, exactly three years after we got engaged in Vietnam.
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