In this section we publish insights and case studies that cover the fast developing topics of Brand Value and Brand Securitization.
1. Transforming market segments successfully…
… requires consumer understanding, technology and capital. See this case study about the coffee industry in Western Europe.
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2. Are all consumers equal?
When identifying brand value creation or damage, often specific research is undertaken. Will this research and its underlying methods always be same, regardless of whether it is conducted in a developed or emerging market?
In April 2011
3. Brand portfolios tend to be too broad in emerging markets
In May 2011
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Emerging brands: a new challenge
Established Western brands not only come under pressure from private labels. Increasingly, brands from emerging markets are being launched and exported into international markets, too.
Malaysian food brands can serve as an excellent example. Ayams Brand has captured shelf space in many Asian countries. The brand is well designed; pricing is attractive and the product is of high quality. There are numerous other examples, particularly in confectionery. Also, Thai brands are ambitious if it comes to exporting their products. Thailand holds a strong share in fruit juices and canned fruit.
While at this stage the impact on Western brands is negligible, there will be some changes in the medium- and long-term. Brand Value of Western brands might decrease. They must focus on keeping cost down and maintain a superior brand image. But that’s getting harder and harder at a time when high-tech production machinery is available to everybody and brand design capabilities increase.
Just a decade ago, brands from Western countries were leading in terms of design and brand imagery. As emerging markets catch up, their brands start to be more attractive. The difference in look and feel is decreasing. Example:
What’s the learning for marketers and investors? Brands will loose power, unless they keep innovating, manage Brand Value systematically and stay on top of consumer trends. Companies must put emerging market brands on their radar screen. Otherwise, they might notice the upcoming challenge too late.
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