Mai Minds Brand Development
To serve the growing needs of our clients in developing brand value, Mai Asia has split off the creative part of business and launched the Mai Minds brand. Since 2009, creative brand development services are bundled under the Mai Minds brand, a network of talents and firms with very specific creative skills. This allows the 'mother brand' Mai Asia to focus on brand value management, an area that not only involves marketing, but also includes financial and legal aspects.
Emerging markets pose high risks to Brand Value as (i) unneccessary price cuts, (ii) counterfeiting and(iii) non-adherence to global best practices are all too common issues.
Regional benchmarking of Brand Value performance
Monitoring Brand Value
Competitive analysis in emerging markets
Workflow optimization
Brand Development Partnerships
Being active in Asia since 15 years, we have formed and nurtured numerous partnerships in the region. While not tied to any of the large agency groups, our network includes some of the best talent in various creative skills. Clients utilize this network for various purposes:
Brand development
Branding advisory in Pre-IPO cases or special
Provision of creative directions
Review of campaigns
Outsourcing from Europe or USA, particularly of
multilingual packaging design
Branding Leadership
for clients in 13 countries
Tapping into talent across Central, South and South East Asia, we are able to serve clients in 13 countries. We are not set up country-by-country, but by competence areas. This allows clients, even as for away as Europe, to get state-of-the-Art branding consultancy and creative work.
The Mai Minds network consists of likeminded individuals and firms in Asia who know each other and collaborate since long. It is independent of large agency networks and driven by the aim to provide specific brand development tasks, not large campaigns. Its fundamental purpose is to support our clients' aim to create valuable brands.
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